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Build relationships with your customers and share what your passionate about.

Website Management

Need to update or change your website or web-store regularly? Ask about our maintenance packages.

Product Photography

Small photo shoots that can be used in any of your marketing materials.


How effective are your current marketing efforts? We can come in and help measure your current marketing and advertising plans.


Train someone in your business on how to effectively use your website or social media for your business.


Website and Email Hosting is available. Our services have a 99.9% uptime with regular backups and direct support with us if an issue arrises.

About Company Biography

We believe every business should seek to build a relationship with their customers and remain active to build a brand.

Social media is not about just making friends and sending out your message. Its about building relationships and creating a community around the things in your business that you are passionate about while sharing what makes you unique.

DHarward Marketing was founded in 2011 with a passion to help small businesses understand how to most effectively build relationships with their customers through the use of social media and their website or blog.

What is your business social media plan? Where did your last sale come from? Are your marketing dollars bringing in additional revenue? If you cant answer all of these questions then give us a call and we would love to help develop a plan for you!





Services What We Do

Social Media

Social media has a huge impact on business today. From online sales to customer support there are more and more reasons for a business to be on a social media platform. For a small business owner, having the time and experience to know where to start and where to invest your focus can be difficult. We will work with you to develop a content marketing strategy and put it into practice.

What social media site should you be on? Should you be on all of them? These can be difficult questions to answer. Facebook is not for everyone, but with a little bit of training and research we will show you what mix of social media platforms to focus on and what strategies to use.


We provide a mix of training and/or consulting that will fit your business model. If what you need is someone to train you on a few strategies and how to use social media or Internet marketing for your business and only need a few hours of time, or if you don’t have time to worry about it and would rather have a professional to manage it entirely for your business, we will build a tailored package that works best for your business.


Web Design

Do you need a website for your business? Does your current website need a few updates. We can help to build a up-to-date website built on a WordPress platform. This will provide the easy of use and make it easier for you to maintain your own website in the future without the need of knowing any HTML code.

We also maintain websites for a number of our customers that just dont have enough time in the day to take care of it. You are very busy running your business and doing what you do best.


We provide hosting packages for our customers. We manage it for you and keep your websites running at optimum condition.

  • See below to see our hosting prices and more information on our hosting services

Hosting Prices

Our Hosting Prices:

Package #1
100Mb Storage
1Gb Bandwidth/Month
20 Email Accounts
5 SubDomains
One Installed Script
$240 per year
Package #2
500Mb Storage
5Gb Bandwidth/Month
Unlimited Email accounts
Unlimited SubDomains
Up to Three Installed Scripts
$350 per year
Package #3
1Gb Storage
10Gb Bandwidth/Month
Unlimited Email accounts
Unlimited SubDomains
Up to Five Installed Scripts
$480 per year
Package #4
2Gb Storage
20Gb Bandwidth/Month
Unlimited Email accounts
Unlimited SubDomains
Up to Five Installed Scripts
$600 per year
Custom Plans are available as well as aditional services.Dedicated IPWeb Development and ManagementSocial Media Promotions


Our Hosting Facility

Uptime is where the rubber hits the road

Many hosts make bold “claims” about uptime, but usually this is just marketing talk and doesn’t amount to much. We do not make cheap “uptime guarantees” of any nature. Uptime is something that we’re absolutely fanatical and extremely proud about. Our server notification and emergency response procedures are arguably the best in the industry.


State-of-the-art Technology

Our servers are state of the art Intel Quad Core Harpertown Xeon Processors, 12MB cache, 8.0GB ECC RAM, 3 x 1TB SATA II (3Gb/s) Hard Drives with Hardware Raid 5 for hard drive speed and redundancy. The combination of these Rock Solid servers and Premium bandwidth makes for an extremely reliable hosting platform. Each server also contains an additional hard drive for continuous backups, and provides protection for your crucial data on multiple levels.


Data Reliability

Your data is very important to you, and to us. We use 3 levels of protection to keep your data safe. Your data is housed on RAID-protected storage, and is then backed up multiple times per day to local backup storage. We also then take your data and securely and safely back it up to our remote disaster recovery location.

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Blog Activity

We all know what it means to be very busy. My blog is always the last one to be updated or have something posted on it. Even I fall into the busyness trap when things get hectic.

But I would like to discuss how active you need to be on your blog. For me its not all that much of a revenue stream. The vast majority of my customers come from a referral of a past client. I have never really been an active blogger on my own website even though I do it quite often for a number of clients.

I had a client ask me the other day if she needed a blog on her website because she did not have the time to post something up there every week and she did not want it to be too inactive. My response was that its great to have a blog and it really cant hurt you to have one on your website even if your only posting on there once a month. These days there is so much going on in our daily lives that you just don’t have to keep posting things up on your website daily or weekly in order to stay relevant to your customers.

But for each business its different. For some it may be important to have something up there daily. For others it may only be necessary to have something up once a month. For most businesses its just a matter of testing and finding that happy medium that works for you and keeps your customers interested in knowing what you have to say while not running out of things to say.

I am the guiltiest of all about not posting as often as I should. But hey as someone recently pointed out to me. Sometimes to cobbler’s kids don’t have shoes. Meaning we often worry so much about doing the work that gets us paid today while forgetting to do the work to ensure we have a customer tomorrow.

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New Portfolio Item: FingerprintDesignStudio.com

We have added a new website to our portfolio that we have had live for a long time now. We get so busy with things sometimes that we forget to post something up to our own website!

Screen Shot 2013-11-25 at 11.07.52 AM

This is a WordPress based site that has a webstore functionality to sell photos online and prevent those same photos from being downloaded without payment processing been authorized.

This site also utilizes a a customizable slider and standard portfolio, custom colors and widgitized home page.

New Website Launched: TheWhiteAzalea.com

We have launched a new website for a great client. This website is an eCommerce store that sells home decor and gifts.

Screen Shot 2013-07-05 at 9.43.21 AM

This site uses a eCommerce framework with a shopping Cart and Authorize.net Payment Processing, and a widgetized home page design with a layered/animated slider.

Social Media Appearance

Social Media at work

Thanksgiving Social Media Facts

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Social Seeds

Email and Social Media

Marketing Integration: What You Need to Know

Do a little shopping

Social media is about building relationships with your customers and sometimes it takes a little bit of time and some playing around with different social media platforms to find the one where your customers are.


So who are your customers? What age group and demographic are they? Sometimes we think we have a great idea of who our ‘intended’ customer is but in reality hey are a completely different. Get to know your customers and reach out to them where they are. Become the voice and expert for your business to your customers! Where do you think your customers are?

Not Failing Miserably on Instagram

Fresh New Site!

It has been a long time coming, but it is finally here. We now have a new website. This layout uses a wordpress backend with a responsive template that works on any size device, and all of the pages can be accessed by simply scrolling down on the page.

We now have a blog that will be posting weekly with news articles and infographics about social media and Internet marketing. Stay tuned for some great information.

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We teach Social Media seminars monthly at the Local chambers of commerce.

Second Monday of every month at the Charles Mack Citizen center with the MSI Chamber at 3:00pm

Third Wednesday of every month at the Lake Norman Chamber at 3:00pm